No matter how lengthy you’ve adopted the Hallelujah Weight loss program, you probably have dozens of questions on our dietary supplements, finest practices and different common insights we’ve shared through the years. On this sequence, we’ll be answering a few of our most often requested questions to offer the knowledge it’s essential reside your healthiest, most fulfilling life whereas following the Hallelujah Weight loss program way of life. Beneath, our well being knowledgeable Olin Idol shares his solutions to questions he’s typically introduced with:

1. Why doesn’t BarleyMax have fiber? Don’t we’d like fiber in our day by day food plan?
BarleyMax is made up of barley grass and alfalfa that’s harvested and instantly transported to a facility for juicing. This course of releases the vitamins from the fiber in order that they’re available on the mobile degree for the physique to instantly take in.

“Our vegetable juices and BarleyMax powder ought to be freed from fiber for optimum utilization of vitamins at mobile degree,” mentioned Idol. “We want fiber, however we get that from our entire meals food plan.”

Followers of the Hallelujah Weight loss program can get fiber from consuming entire meals.

2. Do I would like the opposite juices if I take advantage of Hallelujah Weight loss program Advanced Superfood?
In response to Idol, the Superfood product was created for people searching for a broad vary of entire meals concentrates. Despite the fact that it’s made up largely of entire meals elements, about 1.5 grams of the juice powder is produced from barley, wheat, oats and alfalfa. Based mostly on this info, Idol recommended supplementing Superior Superfood with different juices if you happen to really feel it’s essential.

“It simply relies upon upon particular person choice and desires,” he mentioned.

3. My CarrotJuiceMax remains to be a yr away from the expiration date. Why is it exhausting and clumping?
Throughout manufacturing, natural brown rice syrup is added to CarrotJuiceMax and BeetMax to reduce clumping that’s normally the results of being uncovered to moisture. These powders ought to each be stored at room temperature to lower condensation publicity within the containers. In case your powders are clumping earlier than expiration, concern not, Idol said.

“In additional humid environments and because of some publicity to temperature adjustments throughout transport some clumping might happen,” he mentioned. “The powder isn’t broken however is a bit more cumbersome to make use of.”

Subsequent week, we’ll reply extra of your often requested questions on our dietary supplements and the Hallelujah Weight loss program generally.

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