Starting in the winter of 2015, the Hawaiian dish poke began reaching the continental U.S., signaling the start of a craze for the fish food favorite. However, recent closures indicate that the trend may have peaked, reports Eater.

Los Angeles-based Spinfish Poke House garnered glowing reviews from the Los Angeles Times in spring 2016. But by October 2018, all of the company’s locations, except for one Indonesian outpost, have closed for good. Spinfish is not the only restaurant closure providing evidence for the fading trend. Chicago-based FinFin Poke closed in the fall of 2017, while New York City-based Sweetcatch Poke filed for bankruptcy in September 2018. However, it is important to note that restaurants like Red Lobster and the Cheesecake Factory have added poke to their menus, indicating that although the trend for hot poke restaurants is floundering, the dish itself is moving towards more mainstream appeal. Full Story

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